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The Winners of 2018 FIFA World Cup

  2018 FIFA World Cup is here! More than 3.2 billion people are watching the games waiting to see which group will take home the trophy, wondering who will be the goal scorer of this World Cup and cheering for their favorite group. According to the media agency Zenith, 2018 World Cup will drive $2.4 billion increase in ad spending worldwide. As mobile[…]Continue Reading

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Mobile Banking- Are you In or Out?

  Managing finances has become increasingly complex as there are many different financial services to choose from; credit cards, bank transfers, payments, investing and more. We are all looking for a quick, easy and accessible solution when it comes to handling our money. More mobile first companies are creating apps that can assist customers to manage their banking tasks, while simultaneously banking intuitions[…]Continue Reading


Bike Sharing: Rethinking the way you ride

Lately, we keep reading about the bike-sharing phenomenon spreading globally. We decided to shed some light about this interesting vertical: how it all started, who are the big players in the industry, the opportunities, challenges and how we see this industry developing in 2018.   Why it all started: The Bike sharing phenomenon was first introduced by two leading Chinese based companies, Ofo[…]Continue Reading


Google UAC – It’s here! Are you ready?

Google announced yesterday that Universal App Campaign (UAC) will become the single and exclusive platform for optimal app install advertising. We are very excited to be a part of this new chapter in global app marketing and are looking forward to leveraging this ever-changing product for scalable growth for our app partners. In the last year, we have paid special attention and resources[…]Continue Reading

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Google UAC- It’s Only The Beginning…

Back in May 2015 Google introduced UAC – Universal App Campaign which essentially creates one unified campaign that allows developers to promote their apps across Google top properties – Search, GDN, AdMob, YouTube and Google Play. I assume you are thinking to yourself – with such an easy, intuitive and smart platform – what does it mean for me?   As marketers who[…]Continue Reading

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Spotlight: E-commerce opportunities in the Middle East

The e-commerce space is rapidly evolving worldwide with more shopping happening on digital platforms and retailers crossing from offline to online channels. In the recent year, this trend is picking up in the Middle East as well. Due to a large population in this region, growing smartphone penetration and change of buying habits, the Middle East e-commerce market is set to show exceptional[…]Continue Reading



We couldn’t be more excited to share the news!   DAU-UP was recognized as a member of Instagram Partner Program with Ad Tech Specialty.   The Instagram Partner Program has recognized DAU-UP for its leading position in mobile user acquisition, and identified its proven delivery of improved performance for its partners on the Instagram platform.   Instagram established its Instagram Partner Program to[…]Continue Reading



In early November, DAU-UP hosted a panel at Casual Connect Tel Aviv with social casino key players: Playtika, Murka, and Google. I was honored to moderate the discussion on innovations in marketing, new trends and bets that pay off big time. We touched on various aspects of marketing strategy and tactics, user acquisition, and ASO. In this article, I will give a brief[…]Continue Reading


What You Need to Know About the FMP-MMP Power Combo

Our VP Social, Uriel Shklanovksy, shared with the AppsFlyer’s blog audience how the FMP-MMP combo can revolutionize the way mobile marketers optimize their campaigns! Uriel speaks about the value of the FMP-MMP collaboration – the power of real-time postbacks, attribution, and in-app event data.  When working direct or with a non-FMP, there are no postbacks (data can only be viewed on the MMPs dashboard). He gives valuable[…]Continue Reading



Mobile app advertisers have been increasing their spending on Google. DAU-UP, as a certified Google Partner, has offered Google as an integral part of our full mobile media solution from the moment they launched mobile app installs ad units; together with Facebook and DAU-UP Network. Google activity is a big part of our business and it consistently grows as our clients see strong[…]Continue Reading